cendrawasih or paradisoaeidae apoda, minor, cicinnurusRegius, and seleudicis melanoleuca is a typical bird of Papua Province. Of the43 species of bird of paradise, 35 of which can be found in Papua.
Bird of Paradise is considered a bird paradise.
The peculiarity of this bird found on the fur beautiful.And fur this beautiful bird of paradise is only possessed by males only. Well,generally the colors are very bright bird's feathers with a combination ofblack, brown, reddish, orange, yellow, white, blue, green and purple.

These birds usually live in dense forest or in thelowlands. He has a habit of playing in the morning when the sun began to showlight on the eastern horizon.
Paradise male wearing a charming neck feathers to attractthe opposite sex. Dance of male paradise very riveting. While singing on alimb, this stud wobbling in different directions. Sometimes even hanging upsidedown resting on the limb.
By people in Papua, birds of paradise was believed to bethe incarnation of the fairy-footed or Apoda, a beautiful bird but no legs,because they walk or just perched on a branch only.
Bird of Paradise was once quite a lot in the forestpopulation of Papua, but as it continues to be hunted, ultimately this birdpopulations declined sharply and increasingly difficult to find. Not onlyhunted, but also more narrow breeding habitat for many forest logging.
Hmmm ... if not preserved and maintained, long may run outof birds of paradise in Indonesia!

They are found in eastern Indonesia, Torres StraitIslands, Papua New Guinea, and eastern Australia. Bird family members are knownfor the male bird feathers in many species, especially the fur is very long andcomplex that grows from the beak, wings or head. The size of Paradise birds ofparadise from the King at 50 grams and 15 cm to Paradise Part-sickle Black at110 cm-Crest and Paradise Manukod-rolled at 430 grams.
The most famous birds of paradise are members of the genusParadisaea, including its type species, large yellow paradise, Paradisaeaapoda. This species was described from specimens brought to Europe from tradingexpeditions. The specimen was prepared by native traders by removing the wingsand legs in order to be decorated. It is not known by the explorers and lead tothe belief that these birds never landed but remain in the air because of thefeathers. This is the origin name of the bird of paradise ('bird paradise' bythe British) and the name of the type apoda - which means 'no legs'.

Many species have elaborate mating ritual, mating systemtypes Paradisaea are male birds gather to compete on the show keelokannyafemale birds to be mating. While other types such as the types Cicinnurus andParotia have an irregular marriage dance. Males in sexually dimorphic speciesare polygamous. Many bird hybrids are described as new species, and severalspecies of doubtful kevalidannya.
The number of eggs were somewhat less certain. In largetype, perhaps almost always one egg. Small types can produce as many as 2-3eggs (Mackay 1990)
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