please for give me

thanks to all who have forgiven me, especially people who have been close and understand about myself, because I admit I'm only human who will never be perfect.
many attitudes and behaviors that might hurt you, or words that would offend. I never want to lose the nearest person and never knew me, good friends, friend, lover or keluarga.karena admit without their presence next to me is nothing on this earth.
kesesama relationship is not human is our path to happiness in life in this world, let alone we can see them smiling and proud, is not joy with their presence at our side and a complementary deficiency in this life, thank to god who've given me a lot of friends and companions ; to make a crowd in this spirit.
sometimes the problems between us make us a little farther but with the generosity we can receive the same advantages that lainya.aku shortage is not one and I also was not myself and I never know where I am now actually, dreams, dreams and hopes just like see all the people who know me smiling happy and my prayers for all, tuha if you give me your friends, family and friends and lovers who love me will also give happiness to everyone who ever knew me. you never made this green heart of aku.tidak unite them after you have eternal in this world but perteman and friendship is everlasting eternity until you die.
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