concupiscence culminated in that moment we never care about things around us that we consider disgusting,
until passions could defeating order that we wake up, not when we feel the environment around us as if we do not feel nothing, and where our real existence.
so great a desire that is within that we can beat last thing we hate, so goodpassion that coursed through my body until all the existing elements such as dead and subdued by desire itself. advice or counsel may sometimes be limiting the things that concerns itself lust.
but not always able to withstand any wave of passion that comes with no known limits.
perhaps this is really our soul, not a hypocrite if someone more important than the moral passion, because definitely something that's unbearable arise as well, so it is with lust itself.
but best of all existing things there must be limits , do not we include those who, immoral or thinking. so we know where our boundaries and responsibilities, consciously or not sure of shame upon her care ga young, or old.
many things in this world that we teach ethics in which passion was heightened, because we know where we stand today. hell i do not really care what anyone says we are satisfied that important, but is not it more moral and wise if we know the grammar rules and ethics of satisfying our desires,

a personal who's willing to do that, which certainly delight and stasifation a more accomplished and realized if we do it correctly and in the right place. affection can not curb our appetite is not so hot and morals and ethics can eliminier our passion. at least, although not referring to a religion is not it better to respect the people around us, until we could feel everything we want, both are happy because we can make it done or we are happy because we are not the responsibility of harming others or the environment around us.

live as you want but do not ever forget where we are on earth to share with other creatures.
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