i am a ghost

i just will be covering the dark night of my life do not deserve it I blame the little soul and a heart full of vengeance, not a mystery and the fact that I faced today.
Acute dream start to disappear and never felt the wind to touch every inch of my skin, and hampanya air inside my chest.
I have tried to dive into deep seas until all the water go in this body, kuhanya want to know how good this body to lose all memory in otakku.dan I've also flying high and flying until the shortness of the joints keangkasa breathing just to eliminate the mind and thoughts began to disappear.

Humming a song kept echoing in the vicinity but why not be able to make this jiawa joy, comedy and jokes present themselves in front of me but why this could not laugh, until cintapun ahtiku unable to conquer the ice.
Maybe my eyes have been blinded when the sun refuses to attend before me
may also have deaf ears until the sound could not pierce my ears.
Who I am?
I never want to cry and not going to cry because that would just point out red blood behind my eyelids. and I do not want to speak out only when the scolding and the revenge of the contents of my heart.
who the hell am I?
why do I exist?
for what I created?
and dressed in a long time I was there?

I like the ghost in the crowd, hit me then you will not be able to because the sport has become a rock, which swelled by a thin skin so I do not feel
call me man, when I see this exercise
I call this guy when the visible form
actually I was tidakk animate creatures and ghosts are no different premises outside

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