Pangandaran Beach

Small mainland peninsula witha national park with beaches and stunning scenery to rival the beaches of Balion the south coast of Java. Pangandaran is one of Java's best-kept secrets asfar as international tourists are concerned, but has been extremely popularwith locals for along, long time. A small fishing town, it possesses one ofJava's finest beaches and Pangandaran Nature Reserve teems with wild buffalo,barking deer and monkeys.

 The people are very friendly, this combined with theidealize surroundings make this a great place to spend a few days relaxingisland-style. Pangandaran is halfway between Bandung and Yogya, about 5 hoursby bus from Bandung and 8 hours from Jakarta.

This is the second beachresort area on the Indian Ocean after Pelabuhan Ratu. The site is 223 fromBandung and 400km from Jakarta. The trip by car or bus is recommendable becausethe road conditions are good. However, if we prefer to take the train, get intoBandung-Yogyakarta Express train and get off at the Banjar railroad stationabout 4 hours later. From here it will be another 50 km by bus to Pangandaran. 

The beach is called Penanjung, where most of the cottages and hotels arelocated, however, of modest ratings. Nothing luxurious should be expected.Pangandaran is especially of interest to nature lovers, as there is a wildlifereserve in the vicinity where wild birds and other indigenous animals liveabout freely to be enjoyed by visitors. In Pangandaran visitors will like finewhite beaches, blue ocean and fine seafood. Twelve kilometers before arrivingat Pangandaran visitors will see a huge rock on the beach, which is calledKarang Nini.

Another place of special interestfor nature lovers is a forest Conservation Park, close to the camping ground,which has basic facilities suitable for the younger set. Somewhat further out,west of Pangandaran, driving 23 km on the way to Parigi, lays Batu Hiu, meaningShark's Rock, a coastal rock that has the shark shape

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