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Good lady maybe that's exactly pinned to the real woman's dream man. Women who are successful in their careers, and education, as well as brilliant bear children in the household environment to match. They were supposedly able to take part in social, economic, political, and so forth. But still bears the household duties.

Islam itself gives so many opportunities to develop the potential of women, because as a human female has a lot of potential that is very useful. Potential intelligence, gentleness attitude, sensitivity to taste, good management, regularity, until the number of lots.

History has proven that a lot of women who changed world history. Call it Marie Curie and Margaret Teacher. In Islam we have seen any football lunge Aisha, Khansa, Umm Sulaim, Fattimah Azzahra, Rabi'atul 'Adawiyah to Zainab Al-Ghazali.

But how many of this potential is not burying its disposition as the mother of his sons? Or a wife for her husband? Or da'iyah for the environment?

As a Muslimah still single then this problem may not be felt. They are still free to determine his own life. Lectures, courses, working, until the da'wa activities late into the night still served free with ease. But after marriage, where the obligations and challenges dilakoni increases, this problem will be more sticky.

For that we need some preparation for a Muslim Sisters to someday be able to make his home as beautiful as heaven. Heaven after receiving the soothing heat of outside activities. Beautiful heaven for all who take shelter inside

Management House

A Muslim Sisters worth having the basic ability of the household.

Ability to manage trinkets home. From the start turn on the stove, cooking, home interiors set up an inventory of the household. This is a basic skill that must be possessed. It is not required to do everything perfect, but at least know the basics so the house can be comfortably occupied, because the need for comfort in the house became an absolute necessity for every family member. A husband who was tired after work of course will increase in stress when the condition of the house discovered the mess, the floor is not Dipel, dishes that are not yet available and unwashed laundry piled up. Just a little spark going grumpy husband and family who sakinah Mawaddah warahmah just a mere slogan.

To that although not absolutely all the housework done by wives, remain in this note. Over who will be doing this and doing that can be compromised by the whole family, but management remains in the hands of home housewife.

That's why Sisters tarbiyah should touch this problem, because not all families can afford to hire khadimat Muslims, so sometimes all the work to be done alone. When this skill is not trained from an early age, it will be difficult for Sisters in their household will travel

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