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Name Origins Nokia
Nokia history began when an engineer named Fredrik Idestam built a timber mill in southern Finland in 1865. More precisely, Idestam founded the paper mill on the outskirts of the river Emakoski

Industry wave that hit Europe when it gave a fresh breeze on the paper's business Idestam. Demand for paper has increased significantly. Southern Finland was transformed into a more industrial area in the assault of workers. Inevitably, a community worker named Nokia formed and lived along the river Emakoski

Nokia turns out a community's presence attracted some investors. Finnish Rubber Works is one of the companies interested in establishing factories in the area of the Nokia community. In the 1920s Rubber Works using the name of Nokia as a brand name product in the form of shoes, tires, raincoats and accessories industry

After the second world war, Finnish Rubber Works bought the majority shares of Finnish Cable Worky engaged in transmission equipment, cable and telephone networks. Slowly Rubber Works and the Cable Works to consolidate until it merged in 1967. Nokia group name appears as a form of merging of two companies owned by the Finnish

Since then the name of Nokia as telecommunications products began to waver. Starting with the establishment of an electronic department that accounted for 3 percent of total sales value of the Nokia group. Electronics department of the Nokia Group's presence also provides jobs for 460 people

Three years later, around the 1970s, Nokia had launched the digital switch-named the Nokia DX 200. This is a high-level computer language and Intel microprocessors, which developed into a network infrastructure, Nokia is now

At the same time Nokia also managed to create a car phone network. In early 1981, Nokia had launched a product called Nordic Mobile Telephony (NMT). NMT is the first multinational cellular network in the world. Therefore, throughout the 1980s NMT introduced into several countries and received overwhelming response

Nokia continues to develop cell phone industry. In 1991 Nokia push cooperation in the supply of GSM networks to nine European countries. Then in August 1997, Nokia will also cooperate in the supply of GSM systems to 59 operators in 31 countries

Now as many as 2100 series Nokia phone successful course. Sales target of 500 thousand units successfully achieved in 1994. With labor as much as 54 thousand people, Nokia products are also sold in 130 countries.

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