The Begin of Blackberry

A Brief History and Origins Blackberry
By admin on Friday, 20th November 2009 A Brief History and Origins Blackberry

Blackberry was first introduced in Indonesia in mid-December 2004 by your company Indosat and Starhub. StarHub is a company pengejewantahan from RIM Blackberry, which is the main partner. In Indonesia, StarHub become part of the service in all technical matters concerning the installation of the Blackberry via operator Indosat. Indosat Blackberry service provides Internet Service and Blackberry Enterprise Server

Blackberry was first introduced in 1997 by a Canadian company, Research In Motion (RIM). His ability to convey information through a wireless data network from a mobile phone service companies surprised the world.

Blackberry market later diramaikan by two other major operators in the country namely Excelkom and Telkomsel. Excelkom provide two service options, namely the Blackberry Internet Service and Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES).

BES is a joint service of the BES and BIS, is intended for corporate customers so that customers can receive and send work email for Microsoft Exchange, Novel Wise, Lotus Domino and 10 accounts POP3/IMAP based e-mail via mobile phone. Meanwhile, the operator Telkomsel Blackberry provides only as part of corporate services with the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

At first, the Blackberry service can only be accessed through a Blackberry smartphone. But over time, the third operator has to provide facilities that enable BlackBerry Connect BlackBerry Internet Solution be accessed through other types of smartphones such as Nokia (N-9500, N-9300, N-9300, E61. E71), Sony Ericsson P910i, M600i, Palm Treo, Dopod, and others.

So far, Blackberry facility was only used by private users and corporations, has not penetrated to the field of government and intelligence services as in other countries.

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