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Once upon a time, there were men, who thought love is the most frivolous activity of the world. And then there were men, who believed in love but did not have the courage to stand up. Finally, there came those beings, who understood what is it to be in love and and how great it feels to stand up for true emotions. These men dared to go against the world and won their beloved.

From thence people started collecting all the sayings of love and scribbled it in the Eternal Book Of Love. This book is the sole witness of the lovers tryst with destiny and the wars endured by them.

Love is like the Pandora's box. One keeps on discovering secrets and emotions of love as they delve in the interiors of this box. Your heart is full of love for your beloved. But, you are unable to express it in beautiful words. Here are a few heart touching words of love that would enable you to reflect your love. Your love relationship will be full of passion and romance with these beautiful words of love.

Make your beloved feel special by sending heart felt words of love right from the Pandora's box. You may also send a romantic love letter. It would be an immensely romantic gesture. Here are a few beautiful
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