A little story about HONDA

             Observe a vehicle that crossed the highway. Surely, your eyes are always hampered by the Honda branded vehicles, such as cars or motorcycles. Brand vehicles have always been crammed into dense traffic. Because it probably did deserve to be called the king of the streets.

               However, pernakah you know, the founder of Honda's business empire - Soichiri Honda - always filled with failure when a life from childhood until the fruit is a worldwide business empire. He could never even holds an engineer He's not a brilliant student who has a brain. In class seat was never in front, always away from the view of teachers. Kecintaanya the engine, obviously inherited from his father who opened the farm repair shop, in Hamlet Kamyo, Shizuko District, Central Japan. In this area he was born. Small Kala often played in the workshop, her father always gave Pliers (brother's parents) to remove the nail. He also often played in place of rice mills saw a diesel engine propulsion motors. There, he was born 17 November 1906 may remain silent for hours. Unlike its peers at that time who would rather spend time playing full of joy. He's a unique show from the beginning. Like for example reckless activities chosen at the age of 8 years, with sejuauh biking 10 miles. That was done simply because they want to watch airplanes.

                  At the age of 15 years, Honda's move to town, to work on Hart Syanghokai Company. His boss, Saka Kibara, very pleased to see how it works. Honda's thorough and efficient in a matter of machinery. Every sound suspicious, any leaking oil, not escaped from perhatiannya.Enam years working there, adding his insights about the machinery. Finally, at the age of 21 years, Saka Kibara proposed opening a branch office in Hamamatsu. This offer is not ditampiknya. In Hamamatsu prestasin works increasingly better. He always received a repair shop that was rejected by another. It acts quickly to fix the car too so that customers running again. Therefore, the hours not rare until late at night, and sometimes until dawn. Interestingly, although the brain continues to work overtime remains a creative genius.

                    At the age of 30 years, Honda signed a patent to the first. After creating a trellis. Then Honda also wanted to break away from his boss, makes his own garage business. From then he thinks what specialist chosen? Her mind is set on the manufacture of piston ring,, which produced his own shop in 1938. Then, offer the work to a number of automotive manufacturers. Unfortunately, his work was rejected by Toyota, it is considered not meet the standards. Homemade piston ring is not flexible, and will not sell. He remembered his friends reaction to failures and regrets that he got out of Saka Kibara workshop. Due to this failure and Honda fell ill seriously enough. Two months later, his health restored. Aja he again led the workshop. But it was a matter of piston rings, yet also has a solution. By looking for answers, she went to college again to menambahpengetahuannya about the machine. Finally, in 1947, after the war, Japan's shortage of gasoline. Here the shattered Japanese economy. So much so that Honda can not sell a car that caused the monetary crisis. Though he wanted to sell the car to buy food for his family. In circumstances of urgency, he went back to play with the bike pancalnya. For though his breath always smelled of mechanical engineering, he was installing a small motor on the bike. Who would have thought, motorcycles - the forerunner to the birth of Honda cars - were enthused by the neighbors. Become a motorized bicycle that he produces. Neighbors and relatives flocked to order, so that Honda ran out of stock. Then re-establish the Honda motorcycle factory. Since then, success is never out of arms. The following Honda Motor car, became king of the streets of the world, including Indonesia
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