Development of Creative Industries in the world

Development of Creative Industries in the world

The UK government defines creative industries as "industries based on creativity, skills and talents of individuals who have the potential to create jobs and prosperity through the creation and exploitation of intellectual property rights." Creative industries and the scale did have a huge potential for the economy of a country. Here are some examples of case study development of creative industries in some countries.

In the UK, creative industries contributed approximately 7.9% of total UK GDP (2000) and has tigkat high growth, which is 9% (1997-2001), far above the growth in other economic sectors (on average 2.8%).
United States

John Howkins, in a book "The Creative Economy: How People Make Money from Ideas", wrote that the creative economy can be a contributor to the United States government revenues amounting to EUR 960 million in 1999. According to data Entertainment and Media Outlook: Gaining Momentum PriceWaterhouseCoopers released, presumably this figure will continue to swell as a creative economic growth of 5.6% a year U.S..

Chinese Government to build 798 Space as part of their Creative Industry Zone creativity-based economy is very promising for a country's economic growth. City of Hangzhou in China, for example build Hangzhou Hi-Tech Industry Development Zone in 1990, which now became the center of R & D Microsoft. Intel, Nokia Siemens Networks and Samsung.

Singapore has a target of doubling the percentage contribution of the sector to the State Revenue (GDP) of approximately 3% (year 2000) to 6% (year 2001) and the ambition to make Singapore as a major creative hub in Asia. therefore, they launched three initiatives, namely: Renaiisance City, Design Singapore and Media 21.

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